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Logo Trends 2011 Edition

Posted by zee10 on June 2, 2011 at 6:22 AM

A great logo is always catchy. This is the one enduring rule that always applies to banner design, regardless of context or style. The rest is extra: if the logo doesn’t grab attention then it won’t matter how well it’s made or how much it says about the company it tries to promote. With this in mind, here are 5 logo design trends that are in style this year and that may provide some inspiration.

Playing With Transparency

Right now, logos that grab the customer’s attention, making him or her see the design directly and not through it, are quite in vogue. There’s still a lot of experimentation going on with transparency but the point is clear: customers must remember the logo after just one view. Transparent logos are easier on the eyes, and can sometimes be much smoother. But now they just don’t seem to work with assertive brands that know exactly what they want.

Organic 3D Design

An organic 3D design looks alive and stands out. It grabs attention and it does it elegantly, so no surprise that more and more businesses adopt them. The implementation of stunning 3D designs in logos has been tricky in the last few years because few designers have managed to create a final logo that looked online as well as it did on the drawing board. Now however, more are willing to try.

Vivid Colors On A Dark Background

Designers have been long fond of using rainbows in logo designs to arrest attention and depict sophistication. These days however, rainbows and color scales are even more in vogue because there are many web-based companies out there promoting cutting-edge technology and hot design, which want sophisticated and vivid logos. Vivid colors like purple, coral, indigo, and the like are now brought together and showcased on dark backgrounds. In this way the colors alone stand for a complex concept while allowing the design itself to remain simple.

Green Is Everywhere

There has probably never been as much green on the Web as it is in 2011. It’s not just that people have gone crazy over the green movement and planet conservation and gas emissions and wild life and all that; green is fresh, comfortable, signals change, and fits perfectly simple designs. Designers use green abundantly in their logos at the moment and they don’t stop to that: they make sure to throw whenever possible leaves and trees and the like.

Simple Is Better

The big trend on the Web is simplification. Everything you’ll find online, from websites to applications are becoming more and more accessible, or at least their creators strive to make them appear so. The same happens with logos. This is not to say that designers forsake colors or abandon ingenuous concepts; it’s just that all useless adornments that in olden times were though eye candy are readily thrown into the trash. Text is thrown away also whenever possible – just look at the new 2011 Starbucks logo.

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